General Information:
Sharm-el-Sheikh and Naama Bay are situated at the south-eastern end of the Sinai peninsula where the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba meet. Thanks to this location an underwater paradise of incredible beauty has developped over millions of years. 
It was fantastic to see that the Red Sea has not been hit by El Nino and the great coral bleaching but that on the contrary the reefs are alive and show an abundant fish and coral life. Divers from all over the world have noticed that not far away from the european continent a gorgeous tropical diving area is located and thus Egypt has been discovered by the mass tourism industry.  
Using european holiday charters Sharm-el-Sheikh can be reached within 4 to 5 hours of flight time. Sharm-el-Sheikh is a popular destination for German, English, Italian, Arabic and Russian tourists. 
I would recommend to book your travel at one of the big travel agencies as they definetely offer the best prices. Besides I would recommend for those of you who are keen divers not to book full board, as they will be on board the dive boat the whole day and thus will have lunch there. 

The Sinai is a destination that can be travelled whole year round, with best seasons being late summer and autumn (september to november). I went to Sharm in august and I have to admit that the heat on land was really a bit too much, but as divers spend the whole day on the boat it was not too bad. From june to september shorts and shirts are enough for the male tourist (even for clubs and discos), during november to may, I have heard that some warmer clothes may be recommendable for evenings and nights. 

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