Name:   Robert Klaffus

Year of birth:   1979

For the ones interested, a short presentation of myself
Since an age of nine months I have had the pleasure to visit such nice places like Seychelles, Kenya and Mauritius. Thanks to my parents I got infected with the island virus - a very strong desire to return as often as possible to this paradise in the Indian Ocean, called Seychelles. Since then I have returned to Seychelles at least once a year and for the moment I do not have the intention of changing this habit...
Consequently, a large part of these two websites is about Seychelles and I frankly aim at convincing some of you that it is a place you shouldn't miss.

As you might have already anticipated, I started diving on Seychelles at Octopus Diving on Praslin. In fact I started scuba diving quite late in spring 2000, but since I do not really know when, I have dived the Indian Ocean just equiped with a snorkle, a mask and a pair of fins.
My first experiences with my underwater photography equipment took place in the Red Sea in Summer 2001. Since then I have had plenty of nice dives with my little "baby" on Seychelles. For more information about my equipment check the chapter Equipment.

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